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Valentin and Ellen Davydov

This website is the creation of two researchers, translators and teachers based in Brittany, France, who want to share what they are passionate about.

Valentin, from Russia, researches the history and phenomenology of religion. He worked on the notion of Ur-Monotheismus in Ancient Egypt. He is currently trying to pursue his research at the crossroad of Phenomenology, Theology and History within a PhD program.

Ellen, from France, has investigated the phenomenon of “inner song” for more than a decade. She defended her dissertation Inner Song, Phenomenological Description of a Musical Object of Phantasy, on May 24th 2022.

Here you can discover our offer in translation/transcription/proofreading, as well as our philosophy classes or our research work in phenomenology.

Some parts of the site are password-protected, do not hesitate to use the contact form to request access!


Phenomenology of Religion
Phenomenology of music

Svetlana Kossyreva (cello) and Atty Lengyel (piano) : “Ösz”, composed by Gábor Lisznyay Szabó