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A dialogue has, in theory, no end, but new elements can on the contrary always arise, and something new can always come to our mind, or as we say in German, “es kann einem etwas einfallen”. Each new idea, each unpredictable intuition, is in this sense, an opening.


I had the honor of meeting more than 75 artists since the end of my first master’s degree in 2010. It began with Xavier Gagnepain, the pedagogue from whom I borrow the expression “inner song”, and developed naturally from an artist to his friends.

Each encounter was unique and rich in its own way. I met each artist personally, face-to-face most of the time and online for a tiny minority. We chatted for an hour or two, focusing on our common passion: music. Each interview was then transcribed, as closely as possible to the original conversation, and enriched with links.

There are two ways to discover the interviews: either thematically by clicking on the images below, or chronologically by going to the “Appendix” page in the “Dissertation” section belonging to the “Philosophy” section.

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They are in French, English or Italian. The practice of the musician is indicated in the language of the interview.

Each of them introduces an artist with his or her practice.

String instruments
Wind instruments
Folk Music
Around music
Other art forms