Some of my scientific articles, papers and referats on various topics:

  1. «Judicial charters of Novgorod and Pskov», Moscow, 2011 (in Russian).
  2. «Signs of sectarianism in the religious aspect of Porfiry Ivanov’s teachings», Moscow, 2012 (in Russian).
  3. «The Ainu people during the formative period of the Japanese ethnos», Moscow, 2014 (in Russian).
  4. «Civil religion in the USSR» in co-authorship with A. Raudis, Moscow, 2015 (in Russian).
  5. «Russian historiography in the second half of the XIX – early XX centuries», Moscow, 2017 (in Russian).
  6. «Theories of passionarity in Russian anthropology», Moscow, 2018 (in Russian).
  7. «Polytheism or monotheism: the Egyptian riddle», Moscow, 2019 (in Russian).
  8. «To the question of henotheism in Egypt: superimposing Max Müller’s insights in Indology on the realities of Ancient Egypt», Moscow, 2020 (in Russian).