Curriculum Vitae


Sept 2017 – June 2020: Post-graduate studies as an aspirant (PhD candidate), South Ural State University, Russia
Focus on: Writing a dissertation on the concepts of God in the Hermopolitan and Heliopolitan cosmogonies of ancient Egypt.

Sept 2015 – June 2017: Master’s degree with honours (red diploma) in Religious Studies, Russian Orthodox University, Russia.
Focus on: The problematics of classifying religious beliefs in ancient Egypt: polytheism or monotheism.

Sept 2010 – June 2015: Specialist degree in History, Russian Orthodox University, Russia.
Focus on: Strategic coordination between the eastern and western fronts during the early campaign in East Prussia and the first Battle of the Marne.

August 2010 – June 2015BSc degree in Religious Studies, St. John’s Institute of Moscow, Russia.
Focus on: Relationships between European states and religious organizations during the First World War

March 2010 – June 2010Preparatory course for admission to higher education, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Focus on: History, Philosophy of science


  • Russian (Native)
  • English (Fluent);
  • French (Basic);
  • Church Slavonic (Good reading and translating abilities);
  • Latin (Good reading and translating abilities);
  • Ancient Greek (Good reading and translating abilities);
  • Egyptian hieroglyphic and hieratic writing (Reading and translating abilities);
  • Logo-syllabic Sumerian cuneiform (translating)


History of Ancient Egypt; Religion Studies of Ancient Egypt; Phenomenology of Religion; Bronze Age Studies; Ur-Monotheismus.


April 26 – 29, 2020: Moscow International Salon of Online Education, Moscow.

October 23, 2019: Monthly Philosophical and Theological Seminar on anthropological ideas in the experience and teaching of twentieth-century orthodox ascetics, Moscow.

May 26, 2018: St. Ignatius conference on education, Moscow.

March 27 – 28, 2017: Current issues in contemporary culture and education, Moscow.

April 24, 2017: Sociocultural transformation: Dialogue between generations and traditions, Moscow.


Nov 2022 – May2023: Freelance jobs (education/translation/editing)
Duties include: various remote freelance jobs, translation and transcription of scientific texts in philosophy and anthropology, giving private lessons.

Sept 2022 – Oct 2022: Private research project in Cairo, Egypt
A research project at the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies in Cairo, which aimed to gather more information to complete a doctoral thesis.

May 2022 – Sept 2022: LLC “Trest Magnitostroy”, Russia
Construction works in Ozyorsk, Russia. Ice Arena “Vysota”.
Duties include: supervising a multi-ethnic (Tadjik, Uzbek, Kazakh) subdivision of workers.

Mar 2019 – Jan 2022: LLC Chelyabinsk Construction Company, Russia.
Intercultural Communications Consultant in Ozyorsk.
Duties include: analysing the specific cultural context in the working environment, prevention and resolution of conflict situations between employees of various ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Oct 2017 – Jan 2019: Private academic counseling for students, Russia
Giving private lessons in history, philosophy, academic writing.
Duties include: teaching, redacting, translating (remote employment since February 2018).

Oct 2016 – July 2017: The State Museum of Oriental Art, Russia
On-The-Job Training for Students in the Museum of the Roerichs.
Duties include: tour arrangement, writing articles.

Nov 2015 – Dec 2016: Vernissage in Izmailovo, Antique market, Russia
A small antique dealing business (gramophone records).
Duties include: Antique valuation, buying and selling gramophone records.

July 2015 – Sept 2015: The Mayak Production Association, Russia
Construction works, Student construction brigade.
Duties include: Concrete works, renovation works in the archive of the Central Production Laboratory facility.


IT skills:

  • Basic Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel);
  • Blackboard;
  • Canvas;
  • WordPress;
  • scribe transcription software; 
  • OBS;
  • Zoom

Driving skills : B category driver’s license

Archivist skills : An extensive experience of working with archival records in the State Archive of the Russian Federation and the State Archive of Ancient Acts


Interests: A wide range of auxiliary sciences of history, especially genealogy, onomastics and numismatics

Voluntary work: National Health Exhibition, Moscow, 2013.