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We both love learning, teaching and passing on knowledge.

For us, philosophy is much more than an academic discipline, it’s a discipline of life.

What makes us special ?

First, we work as a team: we build up the class together, we discuss together to improve it and make it the best possible class for you.

Second, we are international. Combining our two experiences, we have studied and got high level qualifications from Universities in three continents: Russia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan and the USA.

We have seen a lot, we have learned a lot, we have liked and disliked, we have reflected on our experiences, now we are able to select the best of each of these high educational systems to propose a class to you.

We have already taught three courses: Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics and Advanced Ethics: On Poverty

We intend to create several others courses: Introduction to Phenomenology, Introduction to Russian Philosophy, Introduction to Theology, Introduction to Ancient Egypt History and Advanced Theology: About the Church Fathers.

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Introduction to
Introduction to
Advanced Ethics:
On Poverty