Curriculum Vitae



Fall 2015-Summer 2022: PhD Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dissertation: « Inner Song; Phenomenological Description of a Musical Object of Phantasy » (Defense, May 24th 2022; pass without revisions), Committee Members: Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer (advisor); Dr. Fred Evans; Dr. Jay Lampert; Dr. Alessandro Bertinetto; Dr. Sacha Carlson.

  • Spring Semester 2020-Fall Semester 2020-Spring Semester 2021: Heidelberg Universität Philosophisches Seminar Exchange Program, Heidelberg, GERMANY.

2014-2015: Admissibility CAPES in Philosophy

2013-2014: Preparation Course for the Agregation and CAPES in Philosophy – a civil service competitive examination in philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne IV University, Paris, FRANCE.

2011-2013: Master in German and French philosophy with the Erasmus Mundus Europhilosophie’s Program (First at the Competitive Examination Scholarship B Highest Honors).

Dissertation : « Le Chant Intérieur comme condition de possibilité de l’interprétation musicale », Advisor : Professor László Tengelyi (Gut).

  • Winter Semester 2011: Karls University in Prague, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.
  • Spring Semester 2012: Hosei University, Tokyo, JAPAN.
  • Winter Semester 2012, Spring Semester 2013: Bergische Universität, Wuppertal, GERMANY.

2010-2011: Bachelor in Italian Language at the Paris–Sorbonne IV University, Paris, FRANCE.

2008-2010: Master in History of Philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne IV University, Paris, FRANCE (High Honors).

Dissertation: « L’interprétation comme double révélation du texte par l’interprète et de l’interprète par le texte », Advisor: Prof. Dominique Pradelle, (Highest Honors).

  • Winter Semester 2009, Spring Semester 2010: Erasmus Scholarship at Roma-la-Sapienza University, ITALY.

2005-2008: Bachelor in philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne IV University, Paris, FRANCE (Honors).



Classical Phenomenology, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Music, Hermeneutics, Ethics.



2022: Ethics (Duquesne University)

  • Spring Semester 2022: BRDG 105P: Introduction to Ethics.
  • Spring Semester 2022: PHIL 251: Advanced Ethics course “On Poverty.”

2017-2019: UCOR 132: Basic Philosophical Question (Duquesne University)

  • Spring Semester and Fall Semester 2019: Introduction to Philosophy.
  • Spring Semester and Fall Semester 2018: Introduction to Philosophy.
  • Spring Semester and Fall Semester 2017: Introduction to Philosophy.

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